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Need a hedge planting? or perhaps you have an overgrown building plot in need of vegetation clearance? See what other services Tree Folk can offer

If you can’t see a service here that you require, we may still be able to help. We have worked with a number of contractors in the area so if we can’t help then we can usually recommend someone who can. Below is a list of some of our other services 

Hedge Trimming

Our team have extensive experience and a complete arsenal of tools at hand to tackle the most demanding hedge cutting jobs that are thrown at us. Be it a monstrous Leylandii hedge 100m in length or a prized, well maintained Privet hedge, you can trust Tree Folk to deliver the best workmanship and service.

We are also well versed in height reductions and re-shaping of overgrown and neglected hedges. Call Tree Folk today if you would like to discuss your hedge trimming requirements and we can advise you on the best time of year cut your hedges, how much to trim them back and much more.

Our customers keep using us again and again for all their hedge trimming and tree care requirements.


Vegetation Clearance

We offer a full site clearance service for both commercial and domestic clients. You may have just bought a house with a jungle of a garden that is simply impenetrable. We can bring your garden back to a blank canvas so that you can actually design and build that dream garden you always wanted.

This service is equally useful for developers wishing to clear large plots for upcoming building projects. We can offer an efficient and professional service for all your vegetation clearance needs. At Tree Folk we take health and safety very seriously because we understand that our line of work is inherently a dangerous one. This is why we always carry a risk assessment and take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our staff and of anyone or anything in the vicinity.


Emergency Tree Work

At Tree Folk we understand the importance not only of ongoing maintenance of trees but also in being available to help on the rare occasion that something goes wrong. We have attended a large number of emergency call outs over the years, usually due to tree failure in heavy winds, rain or snow.

We can usually attend to the issue very quickly, even if only to make the situation safe for people and property.


Insurance Work

Emergency tree work often inevitably involves insurance companies. We have done a number of jobs involving insurance claims and as a company we fulfill all the necessary criteria that they require from tree work contractors. We are happy to liaise with both parties if necessary to make sure that all issues have been ironed out and everyone is on the same page.


Tree Planting

As a company, we are strongly in favour of retaining trees wherever possible. We do understand however that it is often necessary to remove trees. We can offer advice to our customers on the most suitable replacement species for a particular spot, taking into consideration a vast number of factors. We know from experience what tree will work where, if only from having removed a vast number of trees where the site and species was not properly considered prior to planting.

We also have extensive experience in planting hedges. Again, we can advise on species, method, planting density and aftercare taking into account your individual requirements.



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