From beautifully seasoned hardwood logs to wood-chip mulch, we provide a number of environmentally friendly products. Check back for updates!


We can supply fully seasoned (max 20% moisture content) logs suitable for log burners or open fires. Logs are all from our local kent tree surgery work and consist of only hardwoods such as Oak, Ash, Beech, Birch, Apple and Cherry.

Generally we cut logs to 10 inches or less to fit in smaller burners, however we can usually cut to other lengths, stocks permitting.

We can deliver logs for free within a 10 mile radius of Faversham

It is worth noting that many log merchants consider “seasoned logs” to be wood that has sat in the yard out in the elements for 4 months. Our logs are dry stored and only sold when the moisture has reached the optimum level for burning. If they are not perfect then we don’t sell them, simple. Give us a try, we are sure you will notice the difference in quality.

Logs are available by the tipper load (1.6m3) or in nets for those who don’t use their fires very often or lack storage. Minimum order is 9 nets. Logs can be tipped onto a conveniently accessed area ie. on a driveway. We charge extra for moving or stacking logs by hand, please ask us for details if needed.

1 x Net of Kent logs – £4.50

5 x nets of Kent logs –  £20

9 x nets of Kent logs – £30

Level tipper load (1.6 cubic metres) – £110



All of our woodchip is from local tree surgeons waste wood and is 100% recycled into compost or mulch. We can supply woodchip by the tipper load, delivered for free within 10 miles of our Faversham tree surgery base or we can supply smaller amounts on request.

We are also always on the lookout for new places that accept large quantities of woodchip for those occasions where it is not cost effective to ferry it all back to our yard. Please contact us if this is something you can help us with.


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