Stump Removal

So you've had that huge Leylandii tree cut down that was depriving your house of light. Now comes the next decision: do I need to get the stump removed?

Here are a few arguments for and against stump removal to take into consideration when making your decision:


  • Stumps can be a trip hazard or be a nuisance when mowing etc.
  • Various Fungi considered harmful to certain trees find a perfect habitat in stumps
  • Stumps can be an ugly reminder of a tree that you never even wanted!
  • You may want to build a shed where the tree once stood so stump grinding is necessary


  • Stumps are a valuable wildlife habitat
  • They can make a convenient bird feeding table or plant pot stand
  • A perfect place to sit and enjoy your garden. We can carve a rustic seat if you like!

So….If you have decided to remove the stump, what are the options available to you?


Stump Grinding

Stump grinders consist of a carbide toothed wheel powered by a petrol or diesel motor that spins at high speed and eats away the stump with a slewing action.

If the area is only being re-turfed then it is only really necessary to stump grind to a depth of approximately 6 inches. However sometimes complete removal is necessary and we can usually grind out the whole stump and, if needed, any surface roots. We have machines that will tackle any size of stump in almost any location. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Stump Treatment

When a stump is being retained it can be treated to stop any regrowth (depending on species). We can advise on which species will have a tendency to re-sprout and advise what action should be taken. There are a number of products on the market, some more environmentally friendly than others. We generally only use the least intrusive and damaging methods if chemical treatment is deemed necessary.


Winching or Digging

Depending on many factors including size of tree, species and situation, there are occasionally quicker and easier methods of stump removal than grinding. Sometimes we can winch over the whole tree using specialist equipment. The whole root system is quickly and easily removed along with the rest of the tree saving the time needed to grind the stump.

Equally if there are just a couple of very small stumps to remove, using a mattock and a spade can prove easier than getting heavy machinery involved. We have years of experience in choosing the most efficient and cost effective means of removing stumps.



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